Bringing the site back to life

The majority of the accommodation in the older northern part of Lansdown Industrial Estate is vacant. Having carefully considered all the options we have been developing plans for a residential scheme.

We have looked carefully at how the northern section could be either redeveloped or refurbished. This has included commissioning architectural input to help us look at the options. Feasibility studies have also been carried out with reference to these schemes to understand the potential income and viability of proposals.

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The northern part of the Lansdown Industrial Estate accounts for approximately half of the area of the site. It occupies 62% of the floor area but 60% of this is vacant, with 95% of the space that is occupied on short term temporary leases. The space that is occupied is typically on short term leases for low value uses, predominantly storage. It is poor quality and under-occupied. It supports very few jobs; only 20% of the workforce across the estate are employed in the northern half.

A large engineering firm that occupied the majority of the floorspace within the northern half vacated the site in 2018 and moved to modern premises elsewhere. Refurbishing these buildings to modern standards to attract potential new tenants and meet current environmental standards would be complex and costly.

The buildings have been marketed since 2018 by three agents and are currently only occupied for temporary uses which generate £1 per square foot. This is not sustainable.

However, the southern half of the estate is very different and has a much broader tenant mix. Even the older buildings here are more fit for purpose, providing attractive flexible floorspace.

The northern part is also further away from the railway station and surrounded by existing residential, which makes it less attractive to businesses.

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Online resident event

As part of our consultation, we held an online event on 28 July 2021 that included a question and answer session with the project team. You can watch a recording of the event by clicking below.

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